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֧ mail ͺ ҡͺһŴ Lock 纼 Content ǡѺ Model Idol
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12 Ҥ 2543
    Ѻʹ֧ $30 ѧ 9 ͹
    騴¨ҡ click2net.com ҨШԹբͤѧ
    Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 15:43:02 -0400 (EDT)
    From: accounting@click2net.com
    Subject: Click2Net Payment
    Dear Mr.Burin Rujjanapan:
    This email is to confirm that a check has been processed and sent to the
    mailing address you specified in your Contact Information when you registered
    for Click2Net's Services.  This check is being sent by regular mail in US
    Dollars and should reach your location shortly.  If you need more information
    as to the exact amount of this check, please login to your Click2Net account at
    This is an automated message, there is no need to respond.

27 Ҥ 2543
    Ѻ check ѧ Թҧͺ͹

27 Զع¹ 2543
    㹪ǧ͹Զع¹ ͺҤ÷ ¤Ҹ 27 ­ ǹҤáا¤Ҹ 22 ­ ֧ѡͧ͹ ФҸ٧Թ ֧աѡ˹ Ң ǡѴԹ仵Դ仵Դ͸Ҥáا෾ ¤Ҹ 329 ҷ ¡ ǵͧҸաѧѺ Һ͡աҳ 1 ͹ش礴

1 ԧҤ 2543
    ԹҺѭ 1,257 ҷ ҡԹ 27 ­ Ңá֧ 1 ͹ ǹ㺵 ҤԴѵ ¤Ҹҳ 400 ҷ»ҳ 㺵 ҧҤҧ ͹仢 Ѻõʹشѹ ҡ͡ Դ Check Ҩ¡׹ .. OK Ѻ
    ͹Ҥ Ѻ駨ҡ . ҷ踹Ҥչ ԴҸ礵ҧ § 200 ҷ 鹼֧仢礷չ Ŵ㹡â С羺ѭ á ͧͶ֧ 2 ͹ 㺵 价ҧҤԹ ʹ ͹ Check еͧ׹Թµ .. Թա

ҧ check ҡ click2net.com

18 ѹҤ 2543
Account ͧ١ Lock ҡ
    Dear  burin rujjanapan
    I regret to inform you that because of recent changes to Click2Net's terms
    of service, we can no longer continue providing your website with
    advertising services. Our terms and conditions have been revised to exclude
    model and or idol sites from our network, therefore, your account has been
    locked. However, you will recieve any outstanding payment, provided it is
    over $30. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me
    at jyoung@click2net.com.
    Jeff Young
    Traffic Auditor
    Click2Net Inc.

19 ѹҤ 2543
mail 仢һŴ Lock ͸Ժ«ҵͺ ѧҧҧѺ
    Dear burin rujjanapan
    The website http://thaiall.com/ contains material that is classified as
    model or idol content.  Since this content is a violation to Click2Net's
    terms and conditions, your account cannot be unlocked.
    Jeff Young
    Traffic Auditor
    Click2Net Inc.

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